Digital Marketing for Realtors

Real Estate, an avenue where margins tend to define outcomes, both literally and figuratively is characterised in this day and age by cut-throat competition, in which one cannot at all afford to slack off.

Your competitors might overtake you and score some sweet commissions that should ideally have been yours just because you didn’t give importance to an all essential aspect of your company’s growth, Digital Marketing, something which most successful companies in most fields are well acquainted with.

You might have an eye for properties, a way with your clients, a firm grip over you books, but these aren’t enough. Digital Marketing for Real Estate website helps you to achieve increased visits, better turnovers and strengthened clientele just to name a few.

We will not tell you that we are pioneers in our field or that we are the best & the most reasonable and all those generic affirmations that don’t mean anything if not backed by the work we do. At RZ Web Media, we design and develop interactive and efficient websites and implement digital marketing strategies for many types of businesses, Realty being one of them. We have quite a few Realtors in our portfolio who’ve undertaken our digital marketing strategies and have seen significant returns over the forecasted period of time.

If you find yourself reading and are a Realtor, you might possibly find yourself in either of these two situations :


Either way, we’ll be providing you unparalleled expertise in the field of Digital Marketing that will directly benefit the online presence of your Real Estate Website, through addition of new features, widespread marketing campaigns and unflinching dedication.

Clients are searching for properties in new ways, sellers are listing them for sale in new ways, and as someone who needs be well up to speed with both sides of the coin, you simply cannot afford to not have the power of technology on your side.

Digital Marketing and Website Development with MLS Listing for your Realty business

We’ll tell you of three basic things that our Real State website have to offer, all of which add quantifiable value to any website :

MLS Listing

Well, if you are a Realtor, chances are, you know of this and most probably have used it before. MLS helps you curate available properties according to the filters you wanna add to them, the price range, the location, the type of property etc.

Back in the old days, MLS was one huge database quite like a telephone directory which soon came to be digitalized like everything else.

The Real Estate Websites developed by RZ Web Media are properly equipped with MLS Listing features that are sure to elevate the utility of your website beyond just just transfer of information.


Without an efficient CRM, your website falls shorthanded, it many look very savvy and appealing, but not as useful. It’s like having a building with great a exterior and riveting view only to be left exposed by the inadequate interiors.

CRM allows you to manage all your clients details and provides you insightful analytics and ways to bolster communication.


IDX is a feature in a system that allows you to display the most comprehensive and up-to-date property listing information on their website. Our websites come equipped with this feature that further improved the quality and the accuracy of the properties that you deal with.

As Realtors need to be on their A game always, their websites and the intricacies behind it should be no different either. An ultimate website that gives you MLS listing, customer management, inventory management and resource insights among others can surely be an ace up you sleeve.

RZ Web Media, a digital marketing agency for real estate understands the need for this and will make your website in a way that it goes toe to toe with all the others in the market!

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